Rumors had been hot these past couple of weeks that Microsoft was gearing up to unleash Windows Store gift cards and thereby making available a new way for users to purchase apps.

And just as speculated, this exciting new option is set to be offered to the users of the company’s latest operating system. Redmond has officially announced the gift cards — though again, the technology titan is rather mum on the complete details.

Previous reports had hinted that the Windows Store gift cards would work for buying Windows and Windows Phone apps, along with stuff from the Xbox Store.

But here is a selection of what Microsoft has revealed in a new blog post this morning:

“Perhaps one of the most notable addition to the Windows Store shopping experience this year will be the introduction of gift cards over the next few months just in time for the holiday season. Always a hot commodity around the holidays, gift cards offer new revenue opportunities for Windows Store app builders.”

Since Amazon of all places had started selling these gift cards (preorder for now), there was a distinct possibility that they would be made official as we head into the final stretch.

We should have complete details in the coming days.

Windows 8.1 launches October 18. Windows 8 users will be able to download the first ever refresh of the operating system for free straight from the Windows Store. Users of older versions of Windows will have to pay for the core license, which starts at $119.99.

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