Windows 8.1 Is Less Confusing Thanks To Help Tutorials, Claims Microsoft

One of the major, perhaps the most damning, drawbacks of Windows 8 was that the modern operating system was rather confusing for less experienced users. Most of the muddle centered on the Modern UI, with users complaining that it was hard to perform some simple tasks.

Ultimately the fury was unleashed on the lack of Start button — and for some, the Start Menu — that used to provide quick access to many of the essential features of the operating system.

Microsoft, expectedly, addressed a lot of these concerns by not just implementing a Start button, but also added in several tutorials and help manuals to guide users the first time they discover Windows 8.1. And now the company has talked about these new additions.

This new blog post provides a look at all these new improvements, with Microsoft saying that things like stickers and the Help+Tips app are all there to make things easier for users:

“Keep an eye out for them—you’ll see tips about how to navigate and find things, which go away once you do the action they’re telling you about. There are links to where you can get more details if you want them, but most of the essential info is right there in the app.”

Additionally, the help section of each app redirects users to special sections on that provide information on where Windows 8.1 users can look for support on a particular feature.

All these factors, Redmond claims, combine to make Windows 8.1 less confusing.

  • Ray C

    I still 1-3 features should have a option to be a title instead of in a charm or menu only like shut down or log off. I still think they should give the option of different tile lay out groups, but over time the interface will evolve.

  • Mike Greenway

    I searched the Microsoft blog post you refer to for the word “Confusing” it isn’t there. So how do you come up with “All these factors, Redmond claims, combine to make Windows 8.1 less confusing”