Microsoft has just pushed out a rather large update for the Windows 8.1 Mail app, and it not only brings a number of bug fixes, but also implements several performance improvements and new options.

Compared to the default Mail app in Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 flavor already came pretty locked and loaded with a new interface to go with enhanced features and support for touch devices.

But this latest update should beef up the popular application even more.

After installing this new update, users can use the sweep tool to clean up their email inbox and get a better organized account — considering that social updates and newsletters are already filed away automatically.

Also new is the ability to drag and drop messages into filters, and more importantly select multiple emails at the same time. This is done by tapping on the adjacent checkboxes. You can also create and prepare automatic replies in case you are away.

Plus, there is also the ability to get more information about a sender by tapping on their name.

Obviously, some of these features were already there in the previous version in one capacity or another, but Microsoft has added them into the release notes, meaning they are now in their final form and optimized for performance.

The update is currently being rolled out gradually to users across the globe.

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  • NazmusLabs

    These features are not new. They are all features available in Day 1 of Windows 8.1 release. Microsoft didn’t put those release nots to the udpate. Let me explain why they are there.

    I am a developer and have published apps there. Windows Store has the worst release notes system of any platform. Basically, by default, the release nots from the previous release is included by default. So, if you update your app, and don’t actively go and delete or change the release notes, the release notes from the last update(s) will be there. This is frustrating for end-users. I have seen the same relase notes for many apps for multiple updates. New apps don’t even bother putting release notes, as, unlike in other platforms, it is not manditory.

    I can tell you confidently that none of these new features are new to this update. The relase notes are just leftovers from the initial version.

    Source: I know this by publishing several apps and updates to the Windows Store