Windows 8.1 Mainstream Support To End In 2018

Windows 8.1 will be here this Friday, and Microsoft has finally shared details of the support lifecycle of its new operating system with users. And it is pretty a pretty standard and straightforward affair.

According to this report, Redmond will continue to provide mainstream support for Windows 8.1 until January 9, 2018. This, as you may well be aware, includes stuff like security updates along with non-security hotfixes and other such patches.

And considering just how dynamic Windows 8.1 is with regards to apps, features and option, expect a lot of sustained action in this regard.

Extended support on the other hand is set to expire on January 10, 2023 — a fair bit into the future. This is when users should get ready to step aside from Windows 8.1 and switch to a newer version of Windows, you know, quite like what Windows XP is going through at the moment.

Of course, by these dates many new versions of Windows should (hopefully) be out.

As of right now there are rumors that the software titan has kicked off development on both Windows 9 and Windows 10, though there are some circles that suggest a Windows 8.2 is not exactly outside the realm of possibility.

Anyway, these two aforementioned dates are the important bits, so keep them in mind.

Windows 8.1 will see daylight in just a couple of days now. The first every refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system will be offered free of charge to Windows 8 users via the Window Store.