The preview version of Windows 8.1 sure does like to put a stamp on things. Take the default SkyDrive folder for example. File for the cloud storage platform are automatically saved in a dedicated folder that goes something like C:UsersUsernameSkyDrive.

But as it turns out, there is no way to change this, at least not now.

A number of users have queried about this on Microsoft’s support forums, asking for a workaround on this. Now a company engineer has offered an explanation that Windows 8.1 Preview is not yet offering such an option:

“By default SkyDrive will only download stubs of the original files to your local machine. The file stub will look just like the original but if you check the actual size on disk you will find that they are much smaller (in the order of a few kb). We only download the full size file if you choose the ‘Make offline’ option from the SkyDrive app.”

What the engineer has not confirmed is whether the final stable version of the operating system is going to change this or not:

“That being said we still believe that having the option to change your SkyDrive folder location is an important feature.”

Fingers crossed there is an option to do so. Microsoft is also offering a revamped Metro SkyDrive client that can be used to manage not only files stored in the cloud, but also those that are located on local storage like a hard drive.

If, however, you have a need to change the location of the default SkyDrive folder on Windows 8.1 Preview, a solution is already available that includes registry tweaks. The unofficial workaround is available at the link above.

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  • Anderson Kurz

    The thing is, install windows 8, skydrive, configure where you want the folder to be, and then go for 8.1 preview. For me, skydrive is in D: because of that.