The ever changing world of technology is as interesting as it is unpredictable. Back in the good old days Microsoft’s decision to include the Start Menu in Windows 95 was seen as a stroke of genius.

Desktop in the earlier versions of Windows was focal and foremost.

In fact, the inclusion of an innovative Start Menu was not only seen as the biggest defining factor of the Windows platform, but end users took to it almost instantly. The same cannot, however, be said of another innovative feature the company rolled out with Windows 8 — the Start Screen.

Several circles thought of this as Microsoft forgoing the desktop and instead going all in with its Modern UI that is based on the Metro design philosophy.

With Windows 8.1 now out in the wild, the company claims that it has paid particular attention to the desktop in the new operating system. Users, Microsoft says, are provided with a bunch of new options like the ability to skip the Start screen and booting directly to the desktop.

A member of the Windows 8.1 development team said in an AMA session on Reddit:

“We did a bunch of work this release for desktops. For example, you can boot directly to desktop now, more than two Windows Store apps can now be snapped side by side on larger screens, and if you right click on the taskbar and go to properties you’ll see a host of navigation options to optimize the mouse experience.”

Sure, the statement above actually highlights some features that are more appropriate for the Modern UI of the new operating system, but it also stresses that the company focused on the desktop side of things this time around with these handy and helpful new additions.

Things may or may not be back to routine for fans of the desktop mode, but Windows 8.1 sure does come with some valuable new options for the tried and true desktop.

What about you guys? Like what you are seeing on the desktop side after installing Windows 8.1, or do you believe Microsoft should have gone the extra mile. Comment away!

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  1. Oh well…on my other computer (it’s a Mac) I’ve been using spotlight as launcher since always…so my “switch to no start button life” lasted more or less 4 seconds. Ok maybe 5.

    The modern tiles home is pretty handy as an overview to most of the web-centric activities we deal with on daily basis. So you know all that fuss about desktop or not desktop, start or not to start seemed quite useless to me…just foods for troll and social networks opinionist.
    I work with computers and my transition lasted couple of days and after that I never looked back.

    On the other hand as graphic designer once I’m using an application, let’s say Photoshop, Illustrator and such…I never relly bothered on wich OS platform the software is long as it works smoothly. Period.

  2. Even in Win 8, Getting to the desk top is easy for me, one click, and once there I have all the desktop app I ever use on the task bar, 28 of them, so for work I never use the start screen. But play is a different thing, I have many modern apps, games, music, video that I use all the time, without any real problem. I’m an old guy, of maybe average intelligence, win8 was never a problem. 8.1 will make some every day moves more efficient, so I’ll like it.

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