Over the past few months we have seen a lot of new and enhanced features of Microsoft’s fresh new operating system, but now it seems that we may finally have a concrete released date for Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has kept the actual release date of the upcoming OS under wraps, even though we have had details of the new features, plenty of images and videos, even a preview version out in the open.

But while the software titan was mum on release date at BUILD, it could make an announcement later today, as the company is gearing up for the Worldwide Partner Conference.

According to a report over at Win8China, the technology giant is preparing several announcements for today’s event, and a potential update on the public launch of the final version of Windows 8.1 could well be on the agenda.

Insider sources close to the matter have hinted that Windows 8.1 is on track to hit the RTM stage sometimes in August. The official release date could, however, be postponed for a few months to bring it more in line with the holiday shopping season in October.

When Windows 8.1 final hits general availability could also depend on when Microsoft feels the hardware vendors are ready to flood the market with a new wave of devices powered by Windows 8.1. Several large PC makers are said to be preparing new computers, tablets and ultrabooks.

The 2013 edition of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference is set to take place in Houston this week, from Monday through Thursday.

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