Microsoft has shared a whole bunch of details on its upcoming Windows 8.1 operating system, but one thing the software titan is still mum on is when the OS will hit RTM status.

Owing to this silence, users have, nevertheless taken to social networks to claim when they believe the operating system will launch. Paul Thurrott, citing insider sources, says that Windows 8.1 is about to launch sooner than most expect it to.

In a tweet, the technology journalists stated:

“What date will Windows 8.1 ship? 8/1. Duh. :)”

The reasoning being that since the upcoming operating system is called Windows 8.1, it would naturally go live on August 1 (8/1). Thurrott is known to be rather accurate with his Microsoft rumors, but still take this with a grain of salt.

While previous reports indicated that Windows 8.1 could hit RTM status by August or September, there is a fair chance that Microsoft would want to wait until the Holiday season draws near before launching the new operating system.

Thing is that along with the OS, the technology titan also expects a new wave of products — from PCs, to laptops, hybrids, tablets and more — that will ultimately support the launch of its new platform.

Time will have the ultimate say when we get to see the launch of Windows 8.1, but for now the only sure thing is that the preview build of the OS will be here on June 26, the first day of the BUILD developer conference set to take place in San Francisco.

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