The fact that Windows 8.1 may abandon the predefined media libraries which are available in the navigation pane of File Explorer emerged a few weeks back.

These have been the default on the Windows operating system for a fair while now.

No official details have been provided on this particular change as of right now, but Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite believes that the first major upgrade to Windows 8 will indeed drop the default libraries like documents, music, pictures and videos.

Instead, Microsoft will now allow users to create custom ones according to their needs.

And that’s not all, folks!

In addition to removing the default libraries, Microsoft will rename “Computer” to “This PC”. And this change will reflect on all Windows 8.1 installations, no matter what platform a user is using the operating system on, whether the desktop versions or Windows RT.

More credence to the fact that tablets are, in fact, a new form of the good old PC!

Complete details on these changes are pretty vague at this point in time, but the preview version of Windows 8.1 that is expected to head our way in just a couple of weeks should shed more light on the matter. Expect more information on this soon.

What are your thoughts on these rumored changes? Is this a small step forward to streamlining the Windows experience, or should Microsoft have kept going with the default? The comment box, please.

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  • Tim Yang

    其实Windows 8.1中库并没有取消,可以依次单击“查看”、“导航窗格”、“显示库”来访问。