Windows 8.1 Security Features Make It A Tidy Replacement For XP, Says Microsoft

Windows 8.1 Security Features Make It A Tidy Replacement For XP, Says Microsoft

Less than six months remain before Window XP officially goes dark. And since Microsoft has just made available its newest operating system, the company is pitching it as the perfect choice for users waiting to upgrade.

This time, Redmond is praising the security features it has implemented in Windows 8.1.

New features like remote business data removal, pervasive device protection, enhanced biometrics support, better malware resistance and device lockdown, along with improvements to Internet Explorer means that it is undoubtedly the most powerful work platform for business and enterprise users.

As Microsoft explained in a post on the official Windows blog:

“These features, coupled with new devices that build security into the hardware itself, help ensure and maintain device integrity (UEFI – Secure Boot) and data protection (TPM – Encryption), providing business customers with an added layer of security not available on the older hardware.”

Along with these handy new additions, the company claims that Windows 8.1 packs a few more features aimed at businesses — things like BYOD support, enriched manageability, along with expanded mobility and networking options:

“Windows 8.1 is designed to help organizations drive their business forward with increased productivity, whether it be through connected mobile scenarios to enable new business opportunities, or leveraging technology to better streamline existing processes.”

All these new and improved features ensure that Windows 8.1 is light years ahead from Windows XP when it comes to business, enterprises, and industrial use. At this point in time the aging operating system powers around 30 percent of computers worldwide.

And ideally, Microsoft would like this figure to be cut in half (if not more) by the time the retirement date comes strolling around.