Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s newest operating system, was released on October 17 on the Windows Store, and the official retail launch took place a day later on October 18 this year.

And while a number of users experienced some difficulty downloading the update, a substantial amount of PC users have already deployed the new operating system. Data provided by market research firm Net Applications for the month of November 2013 shows that things are looking up.

The latest statistics posted reveal that Windows 8.1 is showing the first signs of success.

Around 2.64 percent of the computers tallied worldwide are using a PC powered by Windows 8.1. The market share of the new operating system has constantly increased since the debut of the public beta in June — it was 0.02 percent in July, and grew to 1.72 percent in October.

It is now going after Windows Vista to take position as the fourth most popular OS in the world.

While Windows 8.1 gained some 0.92 percentage points last month, Windows 8 dropped by 0.87 percent to settle at 6.66 percent total.

And speaking of the other versions of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7 has posted an increase of 0.22 percent, going from 46.42 to 46.64 percent. This increase, no doubt, has got a lot to do with the imminent retirement of Window XP next year.

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