PC gamers love a good operating system, and they absolutely adore a great one. Windows 8, all things considered, was a good, solid platform. Windows 8.1 builds upon it, and improves it further.

As a result, the two modern operating systems from Microsoft are gaining ground on Steam.

The newest round of statistics released by Valve for the popular video gaming service shows that Windows 8.1 added a lot of new users this past month. More and more gamers are moving to this OS, and while Windows 7 is still out of sight, the latest version is catching up fast.

Combined, the various versions of the modern OS are sitting at a decent enough 26.92%.

Obviously, the 64-bit variants are leading the race, with Windows 8.1 now in second place, powering no less than 17.75% of the user base here. It grew by a very respectable 1.56% in July.

With around 80 million total Steam users, this easily means that 1.24 million made the switch.

Windows 8.1 standard and Windows 8 64-bit are the only other two platforms that came in green. All other operating systems lost users, including both flavors of Windows 7. These two fan favorite versions of Windows declined by around 1.02%.

Which shows that users are now starting to move away from it — gamers at least — and try out the newer versions of the operating system. Delightful news.

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  1. I know someone who loves their macbook, but is considering buying a Windows 8.1 laptop just for the gaming aspect. That’s how great the Microsoft gaming platform is viewed by most people.

    • Joshua Stringfellow / August 4, 2014 at 9:19 am /Reply

      I’ve bootcamped Win8.1 on my MacBook Air, it’s the cheapest 11″ Air from 2011 but can handle older games fairly well. If your MacBook isn’t too old you might as well just do that.
      Scrolling in Windows isn’t great, but doesn’t affect the games.

      • Good advice for gamers who don’t want Windows for the other features. Microsoft needs to be concerned about iOS’s update this fall to the macbooks as the app store will feature a lot more games.

  2. It’s like slap the face of those who said win8.x is another vista. At least those hard core gamers don’t think so.

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