Every day, countless users make the move to Windows 8.1, and considering just how prominent the Windows Store tile is on the new operating system, many take the trip to install a few essential apps on their shiny new OS.

Speaking of which, while the apps repository has a colossal collections of free apps, the list of paid solutions is also gradually growing, as more and more developers port their program.

And to help facilitate users, Microsoft has now started prompting users to add a payment options to their accounts, in case they want to download a shareware application to try first and buy later.

The notification above is displayed when the download of a free app is started, and the message reads:

“Your free app is installing. To make it easier to buy apps later, you can add a payment method to your account now. To add this info later, open the Store, swipe down from the top edge or right-click, and then tap or click Your account.”

The full screen notification also displays different options — from ‘Add info’ and ‘Ask me later’ to ‘Don’t ask me again’, the former of which takes users to a panel where they can easily add in their financial and credit or debit card details to keep it on file.

Microsoft also recently merged the developer accounts of the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, in what is clearly an attempt to increase the number of quality apps on its modern platforms.

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