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Fragmentation is the bane of the software industry, and as the largest producer of computer software on the planet, Microsoft knows this fact full well. Windows XP is example enough.

And in order to prevent further divisions amongst users of its modern operating system, Microsoft made the installation of Windows 8.1 Update mandatory — otherwise, no security fixes, enhancements and patches are to be delivered to these machines.

Microsoft initially announced the installation deadline of May 13 for Windows 8.1 Update, but keeping in mind the issues experienced by users that tried to deploy it, pushed the date to June 10.

And the reason for this is simple:

“Since Microsoft wants to ensure that customers benefit from the best support and servicing experience and to coordinate and simplify servicing across both Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 RT and Windows 8.1, this update will be considered a new servicing/support baseline.”

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Well, new Patch Tuesday updates are ready for arrival today.

And those that, for one reason or another, are yet to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update will not receive these fixes. This new version of the OS is the only thing they will see when they fire up Windows Update.

If you are one of these users, then the best course of action is to get busy.

Make sure you back up all your necessary files, and deploy Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Update option. This new version of the operating system can also be obtained and installed manually, if this is the route you prefer.

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