The just leaked build 9374 of Windows 8.1 has provided us with first looks at a number of new features and improvements Microsoft is planning to introduce with the upcoming upgrade to its flagship OS.

One of the more interesting new changes is the brushed up search option.

Easy and effortless search is the prime focus of Redmond, as the technology titans plans to not just improve searching in the operating system itself, but also use it to bring its Bing web search engine in the spotlight for the user base.

Word is that Microsoft is said to have modified how the search option works in Windows 8.1 — the window used to display the search results no longer takes up the entire screen.

A short tweet posted by Windows4Live confirmed the change:

“Windows 8.1 Build Search on Desktop doesn’t use full screen anymore.”

The Search charm in the vanilla version of Windows 8 automatically takes users to the Start Screen as soon as they start typing. There currently is no option to configure the operating system to stick to the desktop, but all this is poised to change in Windows 8.1.

Do keep in mind that this is still the earliest of builds, and Microsoft may yet improve or revise it based on the feedback it receives.

But all things considered, this is one area where a whole bunch of improvements are needed, and it’s good to see the software titan paying it the required attention — more so when you keep in mind the rumors of the return of the Start button and booting straight to the desktop.

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