Microsoft are making a move that has been requested since the first beta of Windows 8 ever came out.

They are finally moving the power/sleep/shutdown button to the Start Screen. As those of you who are using Windows 8 know, this functionality was tucked away for some reason in previous versions of Windows 8/8.1.

You had to click on the avatar in the top right to get power down up options or go through the charms bar.

The theme of the changes that is starting to emerge is one of unwinding. They are starting to deconstruct this cluster%F^% of an OS through a series of updates and patches.

It’s actually pretty amazing to watch and is a rare case of a MAJOR software company being responsive to the gripes of consumers at this level of detail. It is quite frankly the end of Steven Sinofsky’s vision for this OS.

The marketplace has spoken. This will be progress.

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  1. Finally this or a tile could have really gone a long way to help in Win8

  2. Rodney Longoria / January 26, 2014 at 9:41 am /Reply

    More and more, Sinofsky seemed like a real dick! Had he concerted his teams efforts with that of the Windows Phone 8 teams in the first place, so much would’ve been customer-friendlier than it is by now. His attitude of “my way or the highway” and all of the paranoia he created amongst the teams involved was monumentally disastrous! Microsoft realizes that, and are at least trying to make amends, which they should be. Kudos for them!

    • LOL.

      It is a slow and deliberate unwinding of Mr. Sinofsky’s vision, thats for sure.

      Pretty fascinating to watch from the couch…

      • I like it. It was always small things like this hurting Windows 8. Half the people who use Windows are the type that sit down with a computer, don’t see an obvious way to shut down or log off, then just say “I just can’t use it.” They probably are not willing to take a few minutes to figure it out.

  3. Odd when anyone with a tablet knows you just hit the power button and many people with laptops have them set up so that closing the lid causes sleep or hibernate.

    However I am in no way against the obvious, and having a number of ways to get to functionality is in my view no bad thing at all.

    It was a brave and elegant idea to have off-screen stuff that can be swept onto the screen from the edges (by touch or by mouse), but not a practical one. It left a lot of people puzzled, and inevitably had to change.

    I notice search fields creeping into apps. Even the Store app. Yes you can go to the Search charm. But it does no harm at all, in fact saves finger-work, to have the search field always visible in the app. The loss in minimalist elegance is minor. The gain in productivity and intuitiveness drowns it out.

    There will be much more of this, eg the NextGen Reader app has a Share button. Perhaps ultimately the need to explicitly open the Charms column will almost disappear. (It will still be there for apps that don’t provide their own Charm buttons/features.)

    It is a pity that the same attention to usability details shown with Windows 7 has taken so long to emerge in Windows 8’s updates. This delay could surely have been short-circuited. I hope Microsoft has an internal inquiry to find out why that did not happen. There is such a lot at stake.

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