If there is one thing that Microsoft has completely revamped in Windows 8.1, its upcoming operating system, it’s the search option. Not only has the software titan enhanced the speed of search, but users can now get access to a variety of content in a flash.

But it seems that Redmond is not done yet — the company is still working on a bunch of new features.

One element that is getting some more revisions is the search feature in the operating system. Microsoft has recently confirmed on the Windows App Builder blog that Windows 8.1 will soon be updated to include new options that would allow it to search inside apps too.

Currently, the default search engine in the operating system has the ability to scan files, settings, web, images and videos.

Redmond now wants the “Everywhere” setting of the search feature to look into applications as well, thereby allowing users to easily find emails, contacts or a specific location.

The company is currently hard at work on the RTM version of Windows 8.1, which is on track to go live sometime next month. Some sources are predicting an August 16 launch date for the operating system, saying that end users could possibly be in line to receive it in the next few weeks after RTM.

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