The addition of new Live Tile sizes is one make over in Windows 8.1 that grabbed the attention of technology enthusiasts early on. It actually was one of the first reported visuals changes in the upcoming operating system.

And it came to light when rumors of Windows 8.1 first hit the web.

The past few months have confirmed that the new OS will bring a few new Live Tile size options for the installed Metro apps — including some really small ones to make management easier.

But what Microsoft had planned for desktop software was still under wraps.

It now appears that desktop programs will be limited to only two different settings.  In other words, non-Metro applications can only be displayed in two Live Tile sizes — medium and small.

New screenshots posted by Robert McLaws reveal some of the changes made in Windows Server 2012 R2. And as the image above shows all other settings are there, but Microsoft has decided to limit the resize options for desktop application Live Tiles to only two predefined dimensions.

This is either a choice that is made for aesthetic reasons, or Redmond probably wanted to keep the focus on Metro apps first and foremost.

Obviously, this is a new release of the server version of Windows, but several of these features are expected to be included in the preview version of Windows 8.1 too. Full details are expected tomorrow.

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  • Estragon

    Considering Windows 8 only supported ONE tile size for desktop apps, this is in no way a problem, or a surprise.