Nothing beats a little dose of statistics right before the year is about to bid adieu. And for Microsoft the charts that hold the most interest are the ones that show the market share of two of its Modern operating systems.

Yes, Windows 8.1 now has its very own column (or bar) and it is ever so slowly on the up.

The data from StatCounter shows that latest and greatest version of Windows is now powering 1.93 percent of PCs the world over, which puts it behind Windows Vista and its figures of 4.93 percent. That is almost an increase of a single percentage point every month, give or take.

Standard stuff, some would say, but the numbers will only increase — in due time.

Windows 7 continues to lead the chart with 54.97 percent, while Windows XP takes up the runners up spot with a market share of 19.87 percent.

But another number that is of particular interest is Windows 8 and its 8.05 percent slice of the pie. Which direction this operating system goes should be interesting. Chances are that it stays well under 10 percent before starting to slide down as users move to Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is already working on a new version of Windows that is rumored to mark the return of the Start Menu. The last thing it needs right now is fragmentation within its Modern OS ranks.

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  • Ray C

    So, it would seem that both Windows 8 and 8.1 have gone up. I’m looking forward to seeing the numbers after January. Even more people would probably be on 8.1, but the majority of the few people who are actually using Windows 8 in Enterprise probably have not upgraded. Many that have the enterprise version of have installed Windows 8 with a volume key have to wait for their software people to make ISOs.

    • Kardash Eddy

      Most company’s that are still on Xp, are looking at windows 7. Most on 7, are not looking to upgrade. The vast shift from xp will be to 7. So I don’t know what half percent gain you are looking for on 8? Fact is the only way windows 8 will have any use or popularity is if 9 fails more than 8 did.

  • Kardash Eddy

    98 good, windows ME sucked lol really how many down graded from this one. Windows Xp great, windows vista sucked personally I stayed XP till 7. Windows 7 Great, windows 8 sucks. Most will skip windows 8, for tablets OK. If their trend stays maybe 9 will be a good one if they don’t mess up like 8 again. 8 in the end will be a forgotten blip on the radar as vista was eventually.