Windows 8 able to play Xbox games?

This one is a nasty rumor that will not go away just like an infection.

A number of sites are reporting that Windows 8 will let users play Xbox 360 discs on their PCs.

According to the rumor, Xbox 360 on PC will require an Xbox Live Gold-like subscription service, but online gameplay will specifically prohibit cross-platform matchups to keep the playing field leveled.

Parts of that rumor are really exciting and parts of it dont make any sense.

Why would you want to prohibit cross platform match ups? I imagine that’s where the fun would be.

There isn’t much information available at this point, and naturally many will be wondering why Microsoft would potentially cannibalize sales of its own console. But with Windows 8 still about a year away, and the company’s next-gen console announcement expected in some form at E3 2012, the pieces could fall into place for a smart succession plan of Microsoft’s gaming platform.

For one thing, the move would drastically increase the installed user base for the platform, allowing Microsoft to continue riding this console generation and profiting from game sales as it shifts focus to the next hardware update.



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