Microsoft is allocating some $1.5 billion in funds from its overflowing coffers for its Windows 8 promotional blitz, and at least some of that bling will be lining the pockets of singing sensations Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani, who are reported to be the first major stars tabbed to sing the praises of Windows 8 in a series of upcoming ads.

It’s believed the ad campaign will focus on the simplicity of Windows 8-powered devices, and the ease with which they can drive all forms of computing, particularly of the mobile variety, in the modern world.

And what better way to do that than to have global stars with strong online presences playing nice with Windows 8 devices in front of the camera, and eschewing their benefits to their fast-paced lives? No really, is there a better way?

Because Microsoft would probably pay you a small fortune from those coffers if you know of one.

It’s not all glitzy stars and glamorous personalities peddling Microsoft’s newest OS though. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is also featured in a currently running ad that touts the host of very tout-able features brought to the digital screen by Windows 8.

This ad campaign will be one of the biggest salvos in Microsoft’s mission to sell 400 million Windows 8 devices in the coming months.

Can they accomplish that mission?

Are Jay-Z and Gwen shrewd choices to market Windows 8?

Who would you choose if not?

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