The first security updates to the two-week old Windows 8 and RT are on there way.

Microsoft’s first security patches will roll out as part of November’s Patch Tuesday and will address a total of 19 vulnerabilities found in Windows, Internet Explorer and the .NET framework.

Part of what makes Windows great is that Microsoft has always been very quick about addressing software and even hardware issues with most of its products.

For example, Microsoft is already taking returns on possibly defective touch covers.

The fact that security patches are coming after only two weeks on market isn’t a BAD thing. Some naysayers might claim Microsoft should have had things so tight and ready to go that there would be nothing to patch for months— that’s just not realistic.

Sometimes you really can’t discover vulnerabilities until you have software out in large numbers in the wild. So what are these vulnerabilities rated as?

There are six updates in total (addressing 19 problems), out of these four are rated as critical.

When are the patches coming? Microsoft will release these updates on November 13th at 1PM Eastern Time.

Personally, I use Windows 8 on a daily basis and have found it fast, secure and more than a worthy successor to Windows 8. Are you rocking Windows 8 yet?

If so, have you had a pretty secure experience so far or have you run into problem?

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  • psyhokinetik

    yeah right , very worthy successor … if you don`t count the conflict of the explorer shell with any other software installed , that make file explorer to go blank or freeze completely …

  • Steve

    Love the feel of Windows 8, a worthy improvement to Windows 7