Success may have many fathers, but as far the fledgling Windows Store is concerned, it also has a sweet taste. Microsoft’s app repository is a bold new frontier in this regard.

And many a people are finding triumphant returns for their coding and app development efforts.

For every few that lambast the slow number of app sales and downloads, there is an equal amount of success stories — individual developers and companies who have found it easy to establish themselves while the Windows Store is still in its infancy.

Kevin Ashley is one such developer who embraced Windows 8 app development early on and created several apps for the new platform, and is now reaping the rewards to the tune of 30 thousand smackers a month. In a blog post he said:

“I spent many nights and weekends, polishing the code, staying up late at night until 2AM coding. This is not easy: to build apps that can be used by half a million people from many different countries. I read all reviews, thousands of them, answered thousands of questions, made hundreds of improvements suggested by users to achieve this result. The truth is: any app reaching this stage is a work of art, it requires a lot of work, patience, time and dedication.”

Ashley claims that his apps bring this much money in ad revenue and sales, which include in-app purchases as well — all his apps are available with a freeware license. One of his most popular Windows 8 applications is Card Games Chest, and it currently enjoys 581 ratings with an overall score of four stars.

However, as the blog post explains it all comes with hard work with a helpful sprinkling of luck. The developer drops a few pointers on how to create better apps for the Windows 8 platform.

So then, your thoughts on this interesting case study that seems to suggest that some developers actually are enjoying marvelous success after making the move to Windows 8. And with the adaption of the OS destined to increase in the months and years to follow, the only way forward is up, eh?

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