Today I take a look at a simple picture editing app designed completely for Metro, called Ashampoo Image FX. Essentially, you pick your file first.

The navigation here is real simple, so not a whole lot to say. I grabbed my profile pic to show off a little of what this program can do.

As you can see, there a few options, the biggest being “Basic” or “Color” FX. Messing around with the different options can change up the image, but reverting parts of the image, or the complete image, is actually very easy.

There is nothing ground-breaking or amazing with this app by any means, but if you are looking for a simple app for very simple editing, this isn’t a bad choice.

Will it replace a full-blown desktop-based image editor? Probably not for 99.5% of you, but that really isn’t what it was designed for.

If you want a few fun effects to play around with, I suggest at least checking it out. It only takes a few seconds to download (will depend on your connection), so there really isn’t a whole lot to lose.

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