When I first started looking around the Marketplace for the first time, I admit it seemed like there weren’t enough really solid and enjoyable apps. Of course I reminded myself this is just a preview, not a final product, and that being said Microsoft did do a fairly good job of putting out at least a few truly useful apps.

Well the app I wanted to highlight today isn’t exactly ‘useful’, but it is a heck of a lot of fun. In fact, ever since I installed “Cut the Rope” onto my laptop, I’ve found my productivity time overall suffering. So be warned, this is a truly enjoyable and rather addicting little game.

I must say, even with a mouse, this game is still a lot of fun. I was curious about how well most of these games – which are built around touch – would feel on a laptop. Cut the Rope runs quite well this way and plays just as smoothly as it does on my wife’s tablet.


This is by far the most polished game you’ll find on Metro so far, and I consider myself quite lucky to have it for free through Metro right now, considering it costs $.99 for Android devices.

For those that are curious and haven’t played/heard of this on other platforms, you basically just cut ‘ropes’ attached to candy to find this weird pet monster that you received. Yes, it is a weird premise, but it is actually executed very well.


Is it mind-blowing experience or something that will change your life? Not at all, but it is certainly a great time killer, sometimes too great of a time-killer that you lose track of it, actually. I highly recommend checking this out, even if you aren’t a ‘gamer’.

Why? It is a solid example of how well apps like games can translate over to Metro, and hopefully a small example of many great things to come down the road with Metro.

This begs the question – will all app makers be able to put out such high quality titles that seem to work as well with a mouse as they do with their intended medium, the touch-screen? I really hope so. This is certainly one of the ‘showcase’ entertainment/gaming apps for Metro right now, and for good reason.

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