Now that I’ve had my hand on literally about 1/4 of the apps that are available right now for Windows 8, my impressions are really starting to change. My initial impression was that Microsoft didn’t choose that many high-key apps that could really show off the ‘best’ that Metro has to offer.

Now that I’ve really played around with many of them though, I realize that the point was to offer a vast array of many different apps, and not just the same common fare you find on iOS and Android.

Microsoft wanted to set its appstore apart from the beginning, and for the most part it didn’t do to bad of a job with that. My favorite thing about all these apps is how well they fit into the overall feel that Microsoft is trying to bring with Metro. None of the apps seemed out of place, which I’m sure Microsoft made sure of.


Today I’m taking a look at YouTube’s biggest competitor video sharing site, Daily Motion, and there new app. This first screenshot is of the standard website layout, just to give you a strong feel of how different (and more attractive) the Metro app is in comparison.


See, here it is. Maybe I’m just a little brainwashed from using Metro, without any real problems or crashes, but everything just seems to look better with it.

For those that haven’t used Daily Motion before, it is essentially the same kind of site as YouTube though arguably better in its layout if you ask many of its regular users. Personally, I like that is seems a bit more serious and has leplss teens on it, and more adults, which is a pretty big plus if you ask me.

Microsoft, keep up the good work getting developers to stay true to Metro in these apps. The style between Metro and the apps is very uniform from my experience and I like that. Of course I do kind of wish that all the backgrounds would stay the same color as I choice (like I could force my default color on all apps if I wished)… but other than that, no real complaints.

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