When it comes to looking up movie reviews and information in Windows 7, you’d probably head on over to your browser of choice and start looking them up from your website right? Or perhaps you have a desktop application that does the job? In Windows 8, there is Flixster.

Using the power of Rotten Tomatoes (the website, that is), you have easy access to a list of movies that includes information like critical response and just a brief summary for the movies.


In addition, the date it goes to theater, actors and directors involved, and even things like running time are also easily viewed from within this app. This is again a great showcase of how easy to use and honestly attractive all apps seem to look in the Metro UI.

Of course I wouldn’t start using Flixster exclusively just yet. Unfortunately, clicking on the actors or director names doesn’t bring up additional information such as other movies they’ve been involved in, or a brief bio.


This is a characteristic found in many Metro apps I’ve tried – they suffer from a somewhat unfinished feeling. Don’t get me wrong, the polish of the UI is certainly finished and great, but the functionality in many of the apps (like The Tower) is somewhat limited.

Of course this is because they are mainly just ‘test beds’ to show what Metro can do, and so it can easily be forgiven. If these same apps arrive in the commercial version of Windows 8 without additional polish or finish though? I’d certainly raise an eyebrow, that’s for sure.

While nothing earth-shattering, Flixster does it’s job. You can find out about movies and their rating. Is this a full movie information experience? No, for that I’d want more on the actors, a way to browse your local theaters to find showtimes after looking at a movie rating, and other more advanced features.

This does show off quite nicely, though, how much better looking a Metro movie information app will look and run compared to just browsing a ‘website’.

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