In Windows 8, Metro actually provides a few different music playing options.

One of the apps for music I’ve found myself using the most though, is without a doubt, Slacker Radio. To get the most out of it, I recommend an account but it certainly isn’t required.

Essentially this app is just a shell for the existing online radio service, Slacker Radio.

As you can see from the screen-shot above you have multiple different icons, and must contain additional choices such as specific music ‘stations’. These stations often allow individual choices of music titles, though depending on your account, you may be limited to the amount of songs you can directly choose.

As one example, I pulled up the “One Hit Wonders” Station, which relieves classic one hit wonders from the 2000s all the way back to the 1970s.

So why do I use this music app the most? I like virtual radio apps more than owning music locally on my hard drive anymore, and this certainly does the trick. I’d be even more excited to see a Pandora app for Metro, but I will take what I can get and this certainly continues the apparent theme I’ve found in all my app tests so far – they all perfectly blend their functions and features into the styling of Metro and the end result is something of beauty.

I have said before that everything you can do in Metro can also be done nearly as effectively on the desktop, especially with the use of your Internet browser. Have I changed my mind? Not at all. At the same time though, everything you do in Metro looks a heck of a lot more attractive. This may not matter to everyone, but I admit that my experiences in Metro are actually more fun and vibrant than those that I experience in the desktop.

One last note about the Slacker Radio app – I am happy to report that it doesn’t at all suffer from ‘ a lack of finished features’. This is something I HAVE noticed in many other apps. These are apps that look and feel great but have limited function, as if rushed. These types of apps will likely not exist in the final product without major modification.

For Slacker Radio though, it really doesn’t need to change much, if any, between now and its final release when Windows 8 hits retailers.

This is nice to see, and I hope that when Pandora finally does release a radio app like this, it is done with as much polish as Slacker Radio managed.

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