Windows 8 – App Highlight: The Chicago Tribune

Viewing news in a native Metro app is an experience that is a lot more pleasant that just popping open a bookmarked link on a web page, or at least that was my experience with the “Chicago Tribune” app. Sure, it isn’t the most exciting app, but the mark of a well-designed Metro app is that is both simple and inherently beautiful at the same time. I really feel like this app pulled that off rather nicely.


As you can see, it is laid out on black and divided into categories, much like a physical newspaper would be. Navigating is easy, as with every Metro app I’ve encountered so far, and there is just something about full-screen apps that look a million times better than their web browser counter-parts. I’ve been to Chicago Tribune’s website, it isn’t bad at all, but this layout is much nicer and reads better, in my opinion at least.