Windows 8 – App Highlight: The Chicago Tribune

Windows 8 – App Highlight: The Chicago Tribune

Viewing news in a native Metro app is an experience that is a lot more pleasant that just popping open a bookmarked link on a web page, or at least that was my experience with the “Chicago Tribune” app. Sure, it isn’t the most exciting app, but the mark of a well-designed Metro app is that is both simple and inherently beautiful at the same time. I really feel like this app pulled that off rather nicely.


As you can see, it is laid out on black and divided into categories, much like a physical newspaper would be. Navigating is easy, as with every Metro app I’ve encountered so far, and there is just something about full-screen apps that look a million times better than their web browser counter-parts. I’ve been to Chicago Tribune’s website, it isn’t bad at all, but this layout is much nicer and reads better, in my opinion at least.


Clicking on an article of interest brings up a white background with black lettering, which is much better than the app’s intro when it comes to readability (black with white letters). It is set up in columns and certainly does the job.

Is this a spectacular app that really shows off something amazing about Metro? No, but nor does it need to be. It is merely a simply laid-out app that provides us good information, quickly, without having to go to a direct website. This is what I love about apps, yes, many of them are simply shells that route over to a website and perhaps lay it out differently, but they make the website look a heck of a lot better than in its native format.

While this is personal opinion, I must say that every app I’ve used in Metro just feels cleaner and more attractive than many similar Android apps I have used. The only app that has no real noticeable difference is “Cut the Rope”, but as a game, that is pretty much understandable.

So what sets the Metro apps apart? Metro. I really like this layout, it is clean and simple, it doesn’t try to hard by being overcluttered. What do you think? Do you enjoy the Metro-styling found in most of these apps? Share your thoughts below.