In March I focused on plenty of great Windows 8 apps for Metro, but the fact is that the app scene has evolved quite a bit since then. During the month of March I talked about SlackerRadio, and honestly ended up using it quite a bit. SlackerRadio used web radio broadcasts and stations, which provided the music I wanted, even if it was unfamiliar web stations providing it.

With TuneIn, however, I am greeted by a screen asking if they can use location information, I said yes, and BOOM more than 80% of my local area radio stations showed up in the choice list. This is a great choice for those who like listening to radio while working (such as myself) but don’t want to use a conventional radio or don’t have access to one nearby, etc.

When reviewing SlackerRadio I declared this was my most used music app, and honestly it was my most used app period. Now, TuneIn is quickly becoming a favorite, because I get advertising that is local instead of random adds from half across the globe, I get to hear my favorite morning talk radio hosts and it still works for someone like me who owns very little locally kept music on the HDD.

Back during my past review of SlackerRadio I declared that program was good, but I’d rather have a Pandora app. Does TuneIn change my desire for a Pandora app? No, I love how Pandora works and am still hoping to see this kind of app hit Windows 8 sooner or later.

That being said, if you love local radio, this is a great app.


Having local, easy to use radio is great, but it doesn’t really matter if the app’s layout is awful. Luckily, TuneIn has a clean, easy-to-use interface and works a lot better than using a traditional web browser to gather up all these stations.

Is this app perfect? For what it does, yes, I really can’t see it getting any better. It displays information in a way that looks nice and it streams without issues or glitches. Unlike SlackerRadio, I don’t need any kind of membership sign up (even if its free with Slacker) and that’s a big bonus for me.

Entertainment, music and game apps are some of the most important apps when it comes to tablet operating systems, so having solid apps that demonstrate that Windows 8 can compete against Android and iOS is great. Sure, productivity tools are important too, but let’s face it, the vast majority of tablet users really don’t care much about that right now, though the power of Windows could certainly change the landscape of tablet productivity as well.

What do you think of TuneIn?

Do you use another music app in Metro instead?

Overall, what do you think of the app scene in Windows 8 Release Preview?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. The app has bad rating and bad comments for a reason. It has problem with many locations. To most of people it just shows the blank screen. Luckily there is a workaround, but one thing is stil missing – you can’t sign in and have list of your favourites.

  2. It works great with me and I have the tune in pro for my android tab. i love the metro app and am listening to Rush Limbaugh as I type!!

  3. Where do I find this app? If I search the store I get no results…

  4. Can you search within this app? This seems like a big oversight. You can do this on the android app.

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