In Windows 8 you have two different choices for weather apps in Metro. One is “Weather”, which is powered by Bing technology. The other? A program that was one of the “app winners”, and it is called Elements.

Honestly, Weather is not a bad app by any means. It fits the Metro feel and is quite functional. The truth though, is that Elements feels much more polished. This first screenshot isn’t substantially different from what you get with “Weather”, though. We are going to take a look at the main page and also a few features from each of these weather apps just so you have an idea of what is out there for Metro, in terms of weather apps.

With weather you get them all at the bottom, but in Elements you get them as a long list. Based on just this part of the feature set, they are essentially the same and so I’d just choose which one you think looks better. Of course they do have some key differences.

In the Weather App you get a pretty cool feature called World Weather that let’s you see a map of the world and certain highlights across the globe giving you a comparison of how the weather ranges globally. Unless you are planning a world tour, this probably isn’t that useful, but again it is cool to mess around with.

This temperature map is pretty cool and can be blown out much further than just part of a State or local area. Of course this doesn’t have a world map view from what I’ve noticed.

Overall, there isn’t a HUGE deal of difference between the two. I personally use Elements, but it is all about preference with these two apps as they both offer quite similar feature sets in reality. One thing I will say, the live tile for Elements has today’s temp and an estimate for the next few days, versus the live tile for Weather, which just has today’s. So in that instance at least, Elements wins.

Have you used both of these? What do you think?

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