Apps are the next evolution of computer software. From early days of assembly programing to DOS based programs, traditional desktop software to Modern apps, code has come an awful long way.

While early on apps were the domain of mobile devices, Microsoft’s entry into the filed with Windows 8 has opened up new horizons for apps. So much so that contemporary software and existing games are now being ported as Metro apps for the platform.

And Redmond continues to bet big on Modern apps — more so with the imminent launch of Windows 8.1. The technology titan has published another blog post with the aim of providing developers with a few pointers on how to attract users to their newly developed tools.

Moneta Ho Kushner, the senior design lead of Windows explains that the key factors that make a difference between Metro apps and traditional software solutions on the market is personality:

“Windows Store apps have visual and interactive design personality. Personality helps to differentiate your app, strengthen your company’s brand, and create a positive emotional connection with your users. To achieve a great personality, be creative with the composition, typography, color and motion of your app.”

Microsoft is, quite recently, made it clear that it plans to put more emphasis on the quality of the apps rather than the quantity. The Windows Store has already hit the milestone of more than 110,000 unique apps, and this figure is very much likely to grow in the comings months as more tools are ported.

Even the built-in tools for Windows 8.1 seem to have done away with the rather bland design philosophy of the vanilla Windows 8, and this could only mean good things for the platform if this is further replicated by third-party developers.

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