When it comes to computing technology, Chinese users are a real interesting bunch. While most of the markets have moved beyond Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, China is among the few countries that still has a substantial user base on these aging platforms.

Full aware of the situation, Microsoft is getting ready to initiate a massive new discount campaign in the country — for a limited time, the company will cut the price of Windows 8 down to just $49.

According to this new report, the campaign is ready to kick off on November 11, and will run through a couple of weeks until November 24. Limited time, yes, but this is as good as opportunity as any for users in China to upgrade to Windows 8, and by that token to Windows 8.1.

For Redmond, this is a perfect strategy to kill two birds with one stone, proverbially speaking, of course.

One, it will help bring more users to its modern operating platform. Uptake of Windows 8 has been rather slow in China up until now, but this promotion could be a perfect launch pad to help users find out what they are missing in the touch optimized Windows 8.

And secondly, since many of these users are running pirated copies of Windows XP, this discount campaign may also led Microsoft a hand in reducing counterfeit installations of the old OS.

As the saying goes, this is win-win for all involved.

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  • Ray C

    I like it. I think they should do the same with Surface and Windows Phone until the end of the month. Just sell everything for half price over there.