Windows 8 Beta coming in January 2012 – what do you want?

Windows 8 Beta is very strongly rumored to be arriving in January of 2012, possibly at or around the CES show.

You all should have had a chance to play around with the Windows 8 Developer Preview  and should have a rough feel for Windows 8.

If you read this blog, you should also have had an opportunity to check out the Windows 8 development blog from Microsoft. They have been very good about spelling out the rationale behind some of the changes that are coming in Windows 8.

When you put all this information together, I am curious to find out the following:

What do you think about the Windows 8 Development Preview?

What would you want to see in the Windows 8 Beta?

Please use the comment form below for your responses. I am really interested to see what you guys (and girls) think…

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