Windows 8 Blue Poison

Windows 8 Italia have released a third party application for those interested in Windows 8 called Windows 8 Blue Poison.

This tweak unlocks the Ribbon , the Modern Reader , the new Task Manager and the webcam application.

It also allows you to download the latest leaked builds

It’s 3rd party software so download at your own risk but the download like is below.

Update: Link updated to version 1.1

Windows 8 Blue Poison

  • Sebastiano

    Nice interface, but the Windows team had 8 beta released before such a utility, I think even more effective:

    Happy Easter!

    • Adriano Alfaro

      Dai Stebastiano! Ma non ti vergogni?!?! xD

      • Sebastiano

        Vergognarmi di cosa, di segnalare un software simile costruito primo del tuo? Non ti permettere più con me, sono stato chiaro?

  • xinu

    Very nice work windows 8 italia, thanks!

  • Lollp


  • Adriano Alfaro

    New update:
    Please, replace the link…

  • Mrcego

    can I translate to spanish version?

  • HJkos

    i want it.

  • bill

    I want it

  • Windowblinds7

    funciona para la build 7989 x64?

  • Kilruna

    No download link anymore? O.o

  • Paula Taylor

    It has the link to the Office download…I downloaded it, but it says it’s not compatible!! So why is it included in Bluepoison if it doesn’t work????

  • Mudaks10