So I’m not a huge fan of keeping track of builds but I know a lot of you are.

Canouna (part man and part legend) is dutifully doing this for us.

Here is the latest Windows 8 builds list..

(Release to Manufacturing)

  • 8436.0.win8_rtm.120618-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120619-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120620-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120621-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120622-2230 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120623-1707 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8500.0.win8_rtm.120623-2000 (RTM Escrow)
  • 8501.0.win8_rtm.120625-1904 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8501.0.win8_rtm.120625-1904-1 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8502.0.win8_rtm.120626-1905 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8503.0.win8_rtm.120627-1905 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8504.0.win8_rtm.120628-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8505.0.win8_rtm.120629-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8506.0.win8_rtm.120630-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8507.0.win8_rtm.120702-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8507.0.win8_rtm.120702-1900-1 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8508.0.win8_rtm.120703-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8509.0.win8_rtm.120705-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8510.0.win8_rtm.120706-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8511.0.win8_rtm.120708-1220 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8512.0.win8_rtm.120709-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8513.0.win8_rtm.120710-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8514.0.win8_rtm.120711-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8514.0.win8_rtm.120711-1900-1 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8514.0.win8_rtm.120711-1900-2 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8515.0.win8_rtm.120712-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8516.0.win8_rtm.120713-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8517.0.win8_rtm.120716-1805 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8517.0.win8_rtm.120716-1805-1 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8518.0.win8_rtm.120717-1813 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8519.0.win8_rtm.120718-1900 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8519.0.win8_rtm.120718-1915 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8520.0.win8_rtm.120719-1815 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8521.0.win8_rtm.120720-1844 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8522.0.win8_rtm.120721-1642 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8523.0.win8_rtm.120723-1815 (RTM Candidate)
  • 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 (RTM Candidate)
  • 9200.16384.win8_rtm.120725-1247 (RTM Candidate ~ Still Windows 8 build, not from WinMAIN branch so not Post-RTM / Windows 9)

There was some romantic speculation that Windows 8 would stop at 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555. Obviously with the 8888 symbolism, that would have been cool.

Canouna is indicating that the beat goes on.

Don’t forget, we start looking at Windows 9 the second Windows 8 goes to RTM.

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