There seems to be a lot of activity (obviously) going on as Microsoft march toward the final production copy of Windows 8 (RTM or Release To Manufacturing).

On the Winunleaked forums, there was a lot of activity and discussions about where Microsoft is in the process.

Regarding the current builds, here are the builds that are apparently on Microsoft servers currently.

8436.0.winmain_win8rtm.120618-2000 (RTM Escrow)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120619-2000 (RTM Escrow)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120620-2000 (RTM Escrow)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120621-2000 (RTM Escrow)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120622-2230 (RTM Escrow)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120623-1707 (RTM Candidate)
8500.0.winmain_win8rtm.120623-2000 (RTM Escrow)

Each subsequent build indicates more progress and moving a step further towards a production build.

There’s also an interesting description of the process that may be followed by Microsoft during the march to completion.

They recompiling it, fixing last minute bugs, and when the Candidates are decided, the play-offs start.

If no bugs are detected, they are recompiled into next level. If there are still bugs, they are being fixed in another candidate, and all the old ones are obsolete.

With the process of bugs elimination, eventually quarter candidates are decided, then they are being recompiled again into semi-candidates (starting final sign-off), fixing only the blocker bugs (others, if found, are transferred to the serviceability team, for to make a KB hotfix/update for to release on the day of GA), and then it RTMs.

Windows 8 is coming soon.

As I have said before, I am betting on a September 2012 Windows 8 release date. I think that Microsoft will want to get this out the door early.

Just a hunch…


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  • Tarkus

    September?  Oh, I think it will be released no later than August, but July is looking like a real strong possibility.