Windows 8 – Consumers have a wait and see attitude

Based on the results so far of a Tech Republic poll, consumers are taking a wait and see approach to whether Windows 8 will be worth the upgrade.

The article is pretty straightforward and talks about the risk Microsoft is taking with a move from (very) stable Windows 7.

A Quote

I think Windows 7 is a fine operating system, and I have been very satisfied with it. In truth, I have been so satisfied, I cannot think of a single feature that Windows 8 could possibly have that would compel me to, once again, upgrade my operating system. (Well, except for the fact that it is my job.) I find it difficult to believe that Microsoft Windows 8 will be strictly a replacement for Windows 7. There must be more up Microsoft’s sleeve than mere desktop operating system.

A pretty standard sentiment that most people feel I think..

You can check out the article and the poll here

  • xinu

    I agree, I dont think many people will opt for an OS which is very similar to Win 7, unless the upgrade is just £25 like on snow leopard.