Windows 8 Control Panel – Programs – Desktop Gadgets

Windows (since Windows Vista) provides little useful utilities called Gadgets that you can place on your desktop. These gadgets can be a simple game, or a static information provider, or give results based on your input. Basically, they are small applications that are quickly accessible from your desktop.

This applet lets you manage all the installed gadgets.

How to Launch It

  • Open the traditional Control Panel through the Start Screen or using the Run Windows command “control”.
  • Select “Category” view for Control Panel.
  • Select “Programs” category. This opens a new page containing the subcategories.
  • Select “Desktop Gadgets”. This will launch the applet as a small window.

The window lists all the gadgets that are installed on the system. Besides that, it also shows the details of the selected gadget, like what it does, who created it, version of the installed gadget, etc.

Keep in mind that you need to add an installed gadget to the desktop to be able to use it. To add a gadget on the desktop, simply right click on the desired gadget and select “Add”. The gadgets, thus added, immediately show on the desktop, where you can configure them.

Alternatively, you can uninstall a gadget if you feel you don’t need it. Right click on the desired gadget and select “Uninstall”. This will remove the gadget from the system.

  • Tarkus

    You know that gadget support has been removed from Windows 8 RTM, right?

    In fact look at the #1 “related post” above.