Windows 8 could just be a Service Pack for Windows 7

Windows 8 could just be a Service Pack for Windows 7

The other day I read an article that raised the possibility of something that I hadn’t considered for Windows 8.

Maybe Windows 8 could simply be a Service Pack for Windows 7.

While that may (on the surface) sound outlandish, when you think about it , it may not be that bad of an idea.

Windows 7 has been well received and the mass migration from Windows XP and Windows Vista has clearly begun.

Windows 7 is widely regarded as the best operating system that Microsoft has released to date.

So far, there haven’t been substantial complaints about the quality of Windows 7 and while there is always room for improvement, most people (myself included) would have a hard time finding a lot of things that could justify the development of a completely new O.S.

In addition, like I mentioned in my last article, the corporate world needs time to perform enterprise wide tech refreshes and time for those new installs/upgrades to settle.

The cycle of innovation mandates that a new improved version of a piece of software should be based on improving substantial flaws in the previous version.

There are not that many substantial flaws in Windows 7 yet.

Another way to go would be to look at the O.S. cycle as a 4 to 5 year cycle and incrementally release Service packs in the interim.

Windows 8 could then be a major SP for Windows 7 and the next major version of Windows could be called something different.

Just a thought..

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  • nomadewolf

    That is nonsense.
    Windows 7 doesn't have flaws?
    Apart from booting up a bit faster (when it's fresh), it offers no real improvement…
    Games and apps run at the same speed of Vista and slower than XPs…
    When you actually install stuff, it gets slow, as all the other Windows…
    Outdated interface, Explorer, Internet Explorer, FileSystem, etc…
    What in Windows does not need an improvement, exactly?

  • MistaLopez

    You never ever know, Windows 8 "windows 7 service pack" could be a blinder, Now that microsoft got there act together and made a solid performing operating system, maybe now they areready to start beautifying the system. Heres hoping

  • xcode

    its all crap !!! nothing from microsof* its free

    why choose something we must pay, other are free! use linux!

  • ispylinuxfanboy

    Of course nothing from microsoft is free, but it is more user friendly than other operating systems. Linux may be free to use, but you also have the same glitchy bugs that ruin your system.