Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available

Start your engines.

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available for download.

Here’s the URL

  • Treverflume

    I’m not very impressed at the moment

  • Kristjanmn

    Gonna try it on my laptop 😀

    • Treverflume

      I have it on my laptop and its not very good, there’s some ok stuff but it screams “touch interface”. I use a mouse and keyboard and I think most people do. Its fun to try out the latest 🙂 but I hope microsoft doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot with this. 

      • Kristjanmn

        Same here.

  • Loran Gene Glasco Jr

    ????? is any one having a problem dl the ISO files??? it keeps timing out on me when i get to about 50% an i got a 60mb dl speed with charter… will take any advice at this time

    • Michael

      No problem getting the iso, no problem burning it to disc, but just get a blinking underscore when trying to install it, and if I touch anything like the reset, power button, or even try to eject the dvd, my machine just reboots. 

  • Alandeman

    I had no problem installing flash for developer preview. I don’t understand why everyone says it does not work. I have also made a multi boot system using the preview edition. I had no problem doing so, although I wish i had a tablet with a touch interface to play with.