Windows 8 Education – Kanji Book


Kanji Book is a Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary, and kanji (Chinese character) dictionary, that lets you quickly navigate between related information in the word dictionary and the kanji dictionary.

Given a word in the dictionary, you can easily show explanations for each of the characters it consists of. For a character, you can quickly find all the different words it is used in.

Are you trying to read a Chinese character, but you don’t know its meaning or pronunciation? Then you can just draw it, and Kanji Book will find it for you.


Japanese-English-Japanese dictionary
Kanji dictionary with readings, meanings and other information
Kanji stroke order diagrams
Search by handwriting kanji (or alphabet) using mouse or touch
Conversion between alphabet, hiragana and katakana

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  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Education
  • Age Rating:  3+
  • Developer:  Beridaru