Windows 8 Feature request (again):Background Updates

The image I am about to show you is the image I hate the most in any Windows interface.

I’m sure I have made this request on my blog before but I have to once again get on my knees and beg Steven Sinofsky, please make this a priority!

It is absolutely insane that I have to update my PC every few days when updates are ready and it requires me to restart.

In general, my PC is on 24/7 because I work on it everyday and it just seems easier to keep it on. The idea of restarting so often seems almost, well..dated.

This is not a pleasant or desirable experience for the end user.

This is something that makes Microsoft development seem…crude.

I humbly suggest that a goal of Windows 8 needs to be seamlessly downloading and updating the OS intelligently in the background when Windows detects idle CPU and/or low bandwidth usage.

System files and services need to be released while I work and updated without forcing me to restart my computer.

That’s my rant.. am I alone?

What do you guys think?

  • DnEaT

    I completely agree. We are no longer running archaic machines or software. Get with the times.

  • John Gallagher

    With Windows 7, capturing Windows session states has improved and I fully expect more from the virtual machine experience.  I imagine an OS that can continually mirror itself and run updates in the virtual environment testing the waters prior to pushing to the main environment.  Switching between the virtual environment and the main could potentially reduce the need to reboot if device resources could be shared and/or temporarily abandoned.  What I would hope personally is that the reboot feels more like operating a light bulb – instant on/off – better sleep states etc. 

  • Xmattjus

    Steve B. said that Windows 8 will be more “smart” than Windows 7. I hope so..