Boy, it sure did take a fair while coming, but Windows 8 has finally cracked an important little milestone. It is now the fourth most popular operating system in the world.

Windows 8 now currently sits right below Windows Vista.

The latest numbers and figures released by Net Applications for the month of April 2013 show that Windows 8 now currently enjoys a market share of 3.82 percent. The three versions of Mac OS X 10 follow, all with varying numbers.

Next stop is Windows Vista and its 4.75 percent worldwide market share.

Windows 7 keeps its leading spot, and is now powering a massive 44.72 percent of computers the world over. Windows XP, on the other hand, still proves difficult to kill as its 38.31 percent market share very aptly shows.

In case you were wondering, Linux now makes up 1.21 percent.

While the overall numbers of Windows 8 will be classified differently, depending on which side of the fence a particular person is. But it is hard to deny that Microsoft would have hoped for a much better showing from its latest operating system.

The market share of Windows 8 will continue its ascent, undoubtedly it will, but Redmond will be keen to see what kind of an impact Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) makes upon the market once it is released this summer.

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    I think not, As there is no mention of Android or iOS, which i see more daily.

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      You must notice it doesn’t include WinRT as well. So what that tells you.

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    Android and iOS are just phone OS and move to tablet for limited use.

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    Android and iOs are just phone os, dont be stupid learn the difference.

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