If you like deductive puzzle games like Sudoku, you’ll love Hive Mind. The object of the game is to fill a hexagonal grid called the Hive with the letters from a seven-letter Hive Word, using provided clues to deduce the correct locations of each letter. Hive Mind includes over 1500 unique words and millions of random board layouts for truly endless replayability. Find a puzzle you like? Pin it to your Start page or Share its unique game code with your friends! Your high scores are saved, and you can always try to beat the time of one of your personal best games. No matter how many times you play, Hive Mind will always leave your brain buzzing!


Millions of puzzle configurations
Addictive puzzle-solving game play
Save and load puzzles with Hive Mind puzzle codes
Share your best games with your friends

  • Link to:  Hive Mind
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Games > Puzzles
  • Age Category:  12+
  • Developer:  Electric Scribble LLC
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