Reversi Twist Free is our version of this classic game. Play against the computer with 4 AI levels or 2 player mode against a friend. What’s the Twist? You can also play on a 10×10 board for extra fun. Reversi is a game involving abstract strategy and played on a board with 8 rows and 8 columns and a set of distinct pieces for each side. The pieces are disks with a light and a dark face, each side belonging to one player. The player’s goal is to have a majority of their colored pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent’s pieces as possible. We hope you enjoy Reversi Twist Free! If you want extra themes and background music you can buy the complete Reversi Twist version.


Both one and two player modes.
Fun AI with 4 levels (beginner, medium, hard and expert).
8×8 or 10×10 game boards to choose from.
Instructions for play are accessible from windows charm bar – Settings – Help

  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Games > Family
  • Age Rating:  3+
  • Developer:  EnsenaSoft, S.A. de C.V.
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