Windows 8 Hybrid Boot

The most recent feature was uncovered by Windows 8 Italia by typing “power button” in the Start Menu.

Upon clicking “Change what the power buttons do,” a power options window from the control panel is launched.

Then by clicking this item, the Hybrid Boot settings are revealed:

It says:

“Use Hybrid Boot to reduce startup times after shutting down your computer. Disable to revert to “classic shutdown” behavior. Restart behavior is never affected by this setting.”

That’s interesting… not really sure what…


  • marc3l

    is this something like ‘instant on’?

    • Joe Sof Rich

      Yes, esentially it is. It’s like having a solid state drive on your machine. As soon as the bios screen at the first boot of your pc is finish the window boot logo will show for a very brief period of time then you will be at your desktop in seconds 🙂 I know this because I am using the 7955 pre release build. It’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me 😀