Getting the Free Product Key

Once you access the above website, provide a valid email address in the relevant box. It takes 24 hours for you to receive your free product key. This will be through the email address you provided.

Tip! Don’t forget, you can only receive one copy per Microsoft Account. This was my error . (See Guest Post – Windows 8 Glitch 3 – Stuffed up product key  registration)

Don’t forget this!

Installation Procedure

Follow these instructions for adding Windows 8 Media Center Pack.


Note: If running Windows 8, your PC will restart automatically and Windows 8 Pro with Media Center will be listed in the Metro screen.

Media Center on Metro Start

Tip! Consider “pinning” the Media Center to your Desktop’s Taskbar! To do this right click and select Pin to Taskbar.

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  • garak0410

    We’ve used Media Center to extend to the Xbox. Mainly music with picture slideshows. In Windows 8 to the Xbox extender it seems to be broken. Plays one song in a playlist and stops.

    • John Campbell

      Haven’t put it to full usage, my main use was to connect my USB Tuner to record TV and it worked fine. Thanls for the heads up on Xbox.