Windows 8 Is Now The Crown Prince Of The Steam Kingdom

With October now upon us, we are now entering the most interesting of phases for the Windows 8 operating system in general and the Windows operating platform in particular.

Microsoft is all set to officially unleash Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of its flagship OS.

And over the past year or so of availability, Windows 8 has shown varying levels of success in the myriad of spheres it is used in. While business and enterprise use of the latest version of Windows has been understandably muted, its usage in gaming has pretty much skyrocketed.

The latest data provided by Valve’s gaming platform Steam shows a notable 0.99 percent increase for the 64-bit version of Windows 8 compared to the past month.

With this ascent in market share Windows 8 is now the second most popular choice of operating systems among gamers — the crown prince, a king in waiting, heir apparent.

Speaking in x64 terms, Window 7 still leads the charts with a commanding 51.41 percent, but Windows 8 now has a Steam market share of 15 percent. Add in another 0.79 percent for the 32-bit flavor of Windows 8 and it gets within touching distance of 16 percent.

The rest of the numbers are made up by Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS.

Ubuntu, the Linux flavor of choice of Steam, which the popular gaming platform is heavily promoting, is also making some slight gains, but its two versions combined are yet to crack the 1 percent mark.

  • Mike Greenway

    “The Crown Price” ?

    • Fahad Ali

      Fixed, thanks!