Windows 8 is the final name for this Operating System

I just saw a great catch at windows8news that I have to agree with.

For the past few years months, there has been extensive speculation about the actual name of the next version of Windows from Microsoft.

Well, Microsoft used the Windows 8 moniker unequivocally on their BUILD conference website.

With Windows 7, there were other names floated (Longhorn etc) but the name ‘Windows 7″ seemed to stick and after months of continuous use by the tech community, it just made too much sense.

Obviously I am not a Microsoft executive and don’t have the final say but based on what happened with Windows 7, it’s pretty safe to say that the name Windows 8 is here to stay.

Happy to shut the door on this one forever.

  • timotim

    Just so you know, that doesn’t mean its the final name (not saying it cant be either). Windows 8 is what they’re calling it now…just like Kinect, it was called Project Natal by MS in print and web until the official name was revealed.

    • Onuora Amobi

      I bet it wasn’t introduced at major conferences by that name..

      • timotim

        LOL…does E3 count?

  • Sebastiano C.